Women do anything to get the charges dropped.

Shoplifter Case No. 8659125

shoplyfter Case No. 8659125

Hayden Hennessy Caught Stealing Sex

Extortion Sex:
November 30th 9:22am - Case #8659125 - Theft/Possession - Thief was caught on camera smuggling a bottle of into her purse. Silent alarm was tripped and LP officer swarmed the scene. Suspect was taken to backroom office for questioning. was found to be hidden in suspects purse, who was also . Suspect faced felony in possession and shoplifting charges. Instead of calling police, LP officer enrolled suspect into the turn around program. It absolves criminals of their wrong doing without jail time or tarnishing their record. Suspect was reluctant, but eventually saw eye to eye with LP officer. Evidence logged on Nov 30, 2016.
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