Women do anything to get the charges dropped.

Shoplifter Case No. 8546259

shoplyfter Case No. 8546259

Bonnie Grey And Maya Bijou Teen ENF

Accused: Bonnie Grey and Maya Bijou
Caught Stealing Sex:
October 26th 3:27pm - Case #8546259 - Theft/Conspiracy To Defraud - Suspects were seen acting suspicious around merchandise racks. LP officer was alerted to sweep the floor over the store speaker system. During security sweep, Suspects were caught in the act of stealing. They were apprehended and questioned separately, but did not want to bargain. LP officer brought them both into the same room and they eventually were able to come to an agreement. The suspects lack of criminal records and LP officers sympathetic nature allowed them to walk free, but not without proper disciplining first. Evidence logged on Oct 26, 2016.
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