Women do anything to get the charges dropped.

Shoplifter Case No. 7906278 - The Scapegoat

shoplyfter Case No. 7906278 - The Scapegoat

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Accused: Bella Luna
An Exclusive Shoplyfter Bella Luna Scene:
Bella has always been a loner her entire life. Suddenly, the popular girls found interest in her and decided to let her hang. Little did she know that they were just using her as a scapegoat to steal. Now, she’s the one stuck in the mall’s security office. Officer Vegas tries to be sympathetic to Bella’s situation, but the crime has been committed and he has to report it. Bella desperately begs for a way–music to the security guard’s ears. As he pulls his cock out, Bella proves herself that she might not be popular but she does know how to please a man.
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