Women do anything to get the charges dropped.

Shoplifter Case No. 7906245 - The Generous Shoplifter

shoplyfter Case No. 7906245 - The Generous Shoplifter

An Exclusive Shoplyfter Kandii Scene

Accused: Kandii
Case No. 7906245 - The Generous Shoplifter with Kandii | Shoplyfter:
Sweet and naive Kandii thought stealing a gift card would be an easy task, but she soon finds herself taken for questioning by Giovanni, the mall’s security guard. The man quickly finds the stolen goods under her shirt, so he has to do a full search to ensure there’s nothing else concealed under Kandii’s outfit. The girl was trying to get a present for a friend but had been forbidden from making online purchases by her father. Now that she has been caught shoplifting, she will have to negotiate with the officer, who might have an idea or two of what she can do to go free without any consequences.
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