Women do anything to get the charges dropped.

Shoplifter Case No. 7906230 - Lovelock Lockdown

shoplyfter Case No. 7906230 - Lovelock Lockdown

An Exclusive Shoplyfter Coco Lovelock Scene

Accused: Coco Lovelock
Case No. 7906230 - Lovelock Lockdown with Coco Lovelock | Shoplyfter:
When loss prevention officer Marcelo suspects Coco of stealing, he brings her into his office for interrogation. He learns she’s congressman Lovelock’s daughter and has some fun dissing Coco’s dad while he searches her for stolen goods. Marcelo finds all types of stolen goods in Coco’s backpack, and she knows that unless she pulls off some slick moves, she’ll land in serious trouble. Coco uses her cunning and sweet petite body to win Marcelo over.
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