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Shoplifter Case No. 7906214 - The Aspiring Actress

shoplyfter Case No. 7906214 - The Aspiring Actress

Free Porn Video feat. Mazy Myers

Accused: Mazy Myers
An Exclusive Shoplyfter Mazy Myers Scene:
Security guard Mike is interrogating suspected thief Mazy in the back room. After she denies having stolen anything, officer Mike steps away to grab a cup of coffee, so Mazy, who claims to be an aspiring actor, takes advantage of this moment to hide what she had stolen in her bra and practice a few lines to claim her innocence. When officer Mike comes back she offers her purse for him to search, pretending to cry and acting all innocent. Luckily she's not a very good actor and officer Mike can easily see through her lies so he proceeds to do a strip search, and when he finds the stolen item he continues with a deep cavity search! Mazy will now have to pleasure Mike until he's happy before he lets her go free!
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