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Shoplifter Case No. 7906141 - What's In Your Mouth?

shoplyfter Case No. 7906141 - What's In Your Mouth?

Free Porn Video feat. Mia Kay

Accused: Mia Kay
An Exclusive Shoplyfter Mia Kay Scene:
Security officer Jack Vegas brings petite suspected thief Mia Kay into the backroom after suspecting her of stealing a bracelet. Mia persistently denies everything but officer Vegas immediately notices that she's hiding something in her mouth. After finding the bracelet, officer Vegas informs Mia that he must do a deep cavity search to ensure she's not hiding any more merchandise, and he's going to have to film the whole thing. Mia soon is on her knees, doing a special favor for officer Vegas and in exchange he will erase all of Mia's evidence.
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